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Shubham bharti

asked 2 days ago in Criminal by Shubham bharti

What if someone has given a bag to me and ask to deliver to some person, but later you found that it explodes.

I was in the metro station waiting for my train. A man came and gave me a bag asking if I could give it to his friend who was going to come. His friend is a police inspector. I agreed and gave it to a police inspector who came near to my place saying that his friend dropped it here. After giving it to him, I went straight to board my train. There was an explosion and the police inspector died. A man sitting there saw everything and blamed me. I was scared and started running. A police inspector came running behind me and caught me. I was caught for abetting his murder. How can I prove that I am not liable?


asked Oct 10 in Criminal by AnmolB

Will I be bound to answer all the questions put forth if I was present in a train where a man was murdered?

I was traveling from Delhi to Mumbai in Rajdhani train. At 7 pm when the train stopped at Surat station, I saw a child exiting from one of the coaches and he had a bloody knife in his hand. When I entered the coach I saw an old man lying dead. The police reached the spot and began investigating me. Am I bound to answer all the questions put forth to me?

What if one has to get off from train because of the TC misuse his power?

  • I was travelling from Ahmedabad to Mumbai, during the journey the TC came and asked to see my ticket. I got up to get my ticket but could not find it. I told the TC that I had misplaced my ticket but I could show him an email with my booking. The TC refused and insisted that I show him my ticket or get off the train at the next station. I still tried to explain to him the misunderstanding whereby he started to behave badly with me and threatened me with punishments for not travelling with a ticket. I was made to get off the train humiliated. I missed my cousins wedding that evening due to the delay caused by the simple misunderstanding. I would like to file a complaint against said employee of the railways. What is the process of filing a complaint against an officer in the Indian Railways.

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