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Shubham bharti

asked 1 day ago in Criminal by Shubham bharti

Are you liable if you found that, because of your negligence someone had died?

I was cycling. One of my classmates used to bully me. He came and threatened me to lend him my bicycle. I agreed. He went there to call his friend. Till that time I tampered with the chain. When he returned with his friend, his friend insisted on driving first. Before I could say anything, his friend took the bicycle. As soon as he started paddling his leg slipped, the chain came out and he fell. His head hit a rock and he died. Am I liable?


asked Oct 10 in Cyber Crime by AnmolB

How can I recover my loss after robbers tampered with an ATM machine because of which I lost Rs 5000?

I went to ATM and swapped my card to withdraw Rs. 5000. My transaction was successful but the ATM machine didn't dispense any money. After I came back home, I got to know that a gang of robbers had set some equipment in the ATM machine to block the flow of cash. How can I recover my loss?

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