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What can i do if someone has duplicated my debit card?

I received a mail from my bank on my registered e-mail regarding application for a new debit card. I filled the form with all the necessary bank details. A few weeks later I noticed some unidentified transactions has been made from my account. On investigating further I got to know that someone has duplicated my debit card.What can I do now?
asked Oct 10 in Cyber Crime by AnmolB
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The bank in this case has been negligent in handling your debit card data after collecting it and is liable under this section. You should also immediately change your password and other confidential data related to the card and let the bank authorities know about the duplication and claim the money which has been transferred or spent without your authorization. If things do not work out, you can file a complaint IT Act 2000, which provides that when any corporate body handles sensitive data or information in a computer resource it owns  and fails to implement and maintain reasonable security practices and procedures, thereby causing a wrongful loss to a person, it is liable to pay damages by way of compensation to the person so affected.


Information Technology Act 2000, s 43A
answered Oct 10 by AnmolB