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How can I recover my loss after robbers tampered with an ATM machine because of which I lost Rs 5000?

I went to ATM and swapped my card to withdraw Rs. 5000. My transaction was successful but the ATM machine didn't dispense any money. After I came back home, I got to know that a gang of robbers had set some equipment in the ATM machine to block the flow of cash. How can I recover my loss?
asked Oct 10 in Cyber Crime by AnmolB

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Any person who tampers with or manipulates any computer, computer system or computer network and charges the services availed by one person to the account of another person is liable to pay damages by way of compensation to the person so affected. You can approach a police station and file an FIR under so that the police can start investigation into the matter and then wait for them to catch the offender who will then be liable to return the money.


Code of Criminal Procedure 1973, s 154

Information Technology Act 2000, s 43 (h)
answered Oct 10 by AnmolB