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How can I get a refund after entering my card details into a fraud website and safeguard my account?

I purchased sunglasses worth Rs. 15000/- from an online retail store. I opted for online payment and fed my card details. The payment completed successfully but I didn't get my product's delivery. Later, I found out that the website was a fraud. Afterward, I have also noticed some unidentified transactions from my account. How can I get my money back and safeguard my account?
asked Oct 10 in Cyber Crime by AnmolB

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The online retail store has cheated you and has dishonestly induced you to transfer Rs 15000 as well as your card details.You should track down the headquarters or any given address on the website and serve them with a notice to refund the money or face the court proceedings. The domain owner after being entrusted with any property, which in this case would be the card details, dishonestly converted them to his own use and has committed criminal breach of trust. The domain owner has dishonestly made use of your card details, which were a unique identification feature owing to the unauthorized transactions from your account. The Criminal Investigation Departments have set up cyber-crime cells in almost all the cities which can be approached with such a complaint, and they can also be filed online. Also, immediately change your card’s password and other associated details which can be exploited by the website owner.


Indian Penal Code 1860, s 420

Indian Penal Code 1860, s 405

Information Technology Act 2000, s 66C
answered Oct 10 by AnmolB