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Can I be kept under police custody for investigation of an offence for more than 24 hours?

A murder took place in my neighborhood. The relatives of the deceased accused me of it. I was taken for investigation to the police station and I stayed there for more than 24 hours. Under what provisions do the officers have the right to keep me for so long?
asked Oct 10 in Criminal by AnmolB

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The police station cannot keep you in custody for more than 24 hours, and if it does so it can only happen after a special order by a magistrate has been passed. As soon as it appears to the police officer that the investigation cannot be completed within 24 hours and there is sufficient reason to believe that the information and the accusation is well founded he has to  transfer the entries in the diary along with the person detained to the Magistrate who will then authorize the detention if he thinks fit for not more than fifteen days even if he does not have jurisdiction. However if the Magistrate thinks further detention is not necessary and he does not have jurisdiction he has to forward the accused to a Magistrate who has jurisdiction.


Code of Criminal Procedure 1973, s 57

Code of Criminal Procedure 1973, s 167
answered Oct 10 by AnmolB