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Will I be bound to answer all the questions put forth if I was present in a train where a man was murdered?

I was traveling from Delhi to Mumbai in Rajdhani train. At 7 pm when the train stopped at Surat station, I saw a child exiting from one of the coaches and he had a bloody knife in his hand. When I entered the coach I saw an old man lying dead. The police reached the spot and began investigating me. Am I bound to answer all the questions put forth to me?
asked Oct 10 in Criminal by AnmolB

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Yes, you will be legally bound to answer all the questions asked by the police in relation to the commission of the offence truthfully so as to further the ends of justice and assist the police and other law enforcing agencies of the country to conduct efficient investigation to prevent the escape of any person whom the police the authorized to arrest, which in this case would be the person who killed the old man. The police can also ask questions to prevent the breach of peace or prevent any injury which will be committed to any railway, telegraph or other public property


Code of Criminal Procedure 1973, s 37
answered Oct 10 by AnmolB