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Can the husband is entitled for divorce, if the wife left him after 2 days marriage?

I, Sameer got married to Veronica. After 2 days of marriage, she left the matrimonial home. The marriage was not consummated. Can I have divorce on such instance?
asked Oct 8 in Personal Law by Arpita Tripathi
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You can file for divorce on the ground of desertion if the period of two years has been passed since the Veronica had left you, otherwise you cannot file for divorce solely on this ground that your marriage has not been consummated in the case both of you are Hindus but if one of the party is non Hindu then the marriage will be annulled on the ground under section 12 of the Hindu Marriage Act .

1. Sahil Bansal v. Vasudha 4 DelHC 2013.

answered Oct 14 by Arpita Tripathi